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What is IsoTherm COATING?

IsoTherm is a water based thermal insulation material and designed to be  applied on a variety of surfaces. Free of  organic solvents and volatile compounds. It  is a safe and non-toxic material suitable to  use on wide range of industrial equipment,  machinery and pipelines. It is recommended  primarily for metal structures.

Advantages :

Project Reference

  • Coated with IsoTherm at  1.5mm thickness. Surface temperature  dropped from 130º C to 77º C.
  • In addition, IsoTherm also protects  metals surfaces against corrosion and  provides maintenance-free applications.

  • Industrial pipes were coated with  IsoTherm. The device being  used is called BTU meter and it displays  the amount of heat passing the pipes at any given moment.

  • Uncoated surface is passing 393 BTU  while the coated area is only giving out  201 BTU, with only 1mm of application.

  • IsoTherm  applied at 2.5mm and  surface temperature has  dropped from 140º C to  58º C.

  • Also, it protects the metal from corrosion and no  maintenance required.

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Hydroball Technics: Your Partner in Energy Conservation

Hydroball Technics was established by Mr. Peter Soh as a Director in January 2003. Mr Renny Yeo Ah Kiang is the Director of Hydroball Technics since August 2010.

With a mission to deliver the best energy-efficient solution with a measurable reduction in resource consumption and enhance the productivity growth, HydroBall Technics is now the principal manufacturer of the award-winning automated tube cleaning system with 42 patents in 21 countries.

We are a key player in a fast-growing, energy-efficiency products and services industry with distributors and customers both in local and international. Hence, the innovation to achieve “state-of-the-art design” was given a full management support.

Hydroball Technics (SEA) has successfully developed a Non-Powered Automatic Tube Cleaning System for heat exchangers and condensers from the HVAC/ACMV industry accompanied with R&D ingenuity and sound engineering design that covers every potential reduction in energy consumption.

Singapore Green Building Council has recognized the HydroBall System as the only brand accredited in the “LEADER” category with 4-tick.

The wide-ranging advancement of our automatic tube cleaning system allows equipment to eliminate downtime and optimizes energy consumption by automatically keeping the heat exchanger tubes perpetually free from fouling and scaling deposits.

While in 2004, The Enterprise Challenge (TEC) has given the “Innovator Award” to HydroBall Technics under the Prime Minister’s office.

Our test results show that all chillers in central air-con systems equipped with Hydroball System have a trouble-free operation with the technical support from local distributors. This ensures optimal heat exchange efficiency, contributing to the prevention of unnecessary energy loss and low total-cost-of-use.

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